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The following hardware is supported by at least one flavour of BeIA:

  • DT300 - Pretty much complete support. Networking issues. No longer in production, but quite a few units are in various peoples hands. (See DT325 for visuals of the DT300... they are virtually identical in form factor, hardware specs are quite different though.)
  • Compaq IA-1 (Clipper) - Picture Blue version is known as the Clipper, and has BeIA installed. White version shown in previous link is known as MSN Companion and contains WinCE. Both were available on eBay until mid-2003 but the Clipper was always fairly rare. The Clipper has an onboard 10Mb NIC rather than the MSN's modem, and is generally a more desirable unit. See also this site under MSN Companion and Compaq IA forums for attempts to hack this hardware. The BeIA version is very primitive on most Clipper machines. Extensive attempts to boot the Clipper from a CF card have failed, and most machines are unusable without hardware modifications. Restoring the O/S relied on an encrypted download link at which no longer exists. - (last added by Haiqu, 18 May 2004)
  • Compaq IA-2 - While I haven't done it (yet) or seen it, I've been told that by switching the DOC from a ProView iPAD into an IA-2, you boot and run BeIA on the IA-2. This fits in with what I've found in my research. The iPAD and IA-2 boards were made by the same manufacturer, although they are not identical in any case I've seen. I imagine Compaq originally had planned on running BeIA on the IA-2, just as they did with the IA-1. The iPAD has a slightly more capable board and less 'unfinished' features and interfaces on it. Posted from BeIA on an iPAD -DLazlo 8/3/04
  • DT325 - Later versions of BeIA ran on this machine. A beefed up DT300 with 802.11b networking rather than the rather proprietry Rangelan of the DT300. Manufactured(?) and distributed by DT Research. Still available - though currently "end of life".
  • Desktop build - Targeted at National low-power Pentium clone, unlikely to work well on other hardware. Compiling the desktop build works, but unsure how it would be utilized from there. - Haiqu, 18 May 2004
    The Desktop build will not work on any PC I have tried it with, if that helps.. (define "compile" by the way.. do you mean "crush" or just "makecfs" style compilation?) (last added by ?, 20 May 2004)
  • I found a Packard Bell 850 at a yard sale for $15. It has a Cyrix M II-300, 64 MB RAM, and a 6.4 GB HDD. Socket 7 and still has ISA slots too. The desktop build works with R5, but not Dano and kin. Since this is so close in specs to many of the IA's and thinclients, I will try using it as a testbed. I can run all the CPU's on it that the IA's I have here use, the ISA card I have for DOC programing will fit, and I can switch cards around to get as close as possible to a target device. Don't know if it will prove to be much of an advantage, but if it does, it's better than moving stuff around on the bench when I want to try something out on more than one device.
  • DLazlo 8-21-"04
  • Sony eVilla - not really sure on what version BeIA
  • ProView iPad model PI-520B running BeIA 1.0 - I'm posting this from one now. It's an iMac-style all-in-one CRT based design running on a National Semiconductor Geode* at 267 MHz. I will add more info on it soon, but suffice it to say that I have not had any of the problems I heard of with the eVilla yet. It just Works! I'm in process of taking pics of this unit and will put link to them when availible. (added by DLazlo, unknown date)
  • Boundless Virgin WebPlayer pre-ver 1 (4.5 based) & BONE-based 1.0. At 3:10 pm CDT on 8/8/04 It's dog-slow, but improving, and it is the first instance I know of BeIA running on this device. The LCD screen and wireless keyboard w/built-in trackball both work. I booted off a CF Drive, but am going to install a 2.5" HDD and CDROM.

Note: Nat Semi's Information Appliance group and the Geode line were bought by AMD (in 2003?). They also own the Alchemy MIPs, which is being used in some Linux handhelds.




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